Record of Lodoss War Fansite.

Welcome to Eiyuu Kishi Den!

Welcome to Eiyuu Kishi Den, a fan site for the Record of Lodoss War anime, manga, and novel series. For eight years, our community has existed as mainly a role-playing game set in Lodoss with predominantly original characters, but our time as an RPG has come to an end. This website now stands as a fan community and source of information.

Spoiler Warning!

This site contains information on the conclusion of Lodoss stories, so if you have not finished watching or reading the series and don’t want endings spoiled, I suggest that you be cautious when looking at the information on the Lodoss setting on this site.

World Information

The information provided on the setting of Lodoss is not entirely canon (though it mostly is). Please keep in mind that the information was originally complied for usage in our RPG. Our sources of information are not directly from the Sword World RPG books, and they include an fan-made RPG book written for another game system (the Fuzion system by Mark Chase of, information gleaned from English translations of the anime, manga, and some novels, and compiled from fellow fans. Some information is completely original, added for our RPG alone. In most cases, this original content will be marked and explained at the bottom of the page.


Our role-playing plots have been ended permanently, after two incarnations of our game, though there are still some freestyle role-plays on our forum. For years, we prided ourselves on being a serious, dedicated RP with strict rules to create good characters and adherence to Lodoss canon, but it couldn’t run forever. However, you can still find role-playing on our forum on the Adventures in Lodoss board which is for player-run, “freestyle” role-plays.